Infused 2-Pack: 200mg total (100mg each-Rice Krispy)

Infused 2-Pack: 200mg total (100mg each-Rice Krispy)

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Mama Khan’s Cakeballs’ Infused 2-Pack treats! Our indulgent Rice Krispy treats are now available with a serious punch. Each pack contains two treats with 100mg of HHC each, for a total of 200mg of HHC in each 2-pack. Enjoy the classic flavor of Rice Krispy treats, sure to please your taste buds! Perfect for any time of day. Our Infused 2-Pack treats have an unbeatable combination of taste and potency and will provide a long-lasting, relaxed high. Get your hands on Mama Khan’s Cakeballs' Infused 2-Pack today and experience something truly special. Pick yours up now and deny yourself nothing!


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