Infused 2-Pack: 100mg total (50mg each-Cakeballs)

Infused 2-Pack: 100mg total (50mg each-Cakeballs)

Experience pure indulgence with our exquisite balls of sweetness, each infused with a potent 50mg of HHC and delicately dipped in your choice of milk or white chocolate. Elevate your taste buds to new heights by selecting your preferred flavor to accompany this luxurious treat. From rich birthday cake to sweet strawberry, choose the perfect flavor to harmonize with the decadent chocolate and powerful HHC infusion. With our HHC-infused confection balls, you can enjoy a truly extraordinary sensory experience, combining the finest ingredients with a burst of flavor. Treat yourself to a blissful journey of taste and delight today.

*Cakeballs will usually remain at peak quality for up to 4 weeks when refrigerated. Leaving at room temperature is possible for a few days, but for best results, keep refrigerated.*

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